Beluga Subsea

and Safer Subsea Lifting

Innovation Beneath the Waves

The adventure started over 30 years ago in the early 1990s. One of Norway’s biggest oil companies at the time, requested that ROVs should be able to handle variable buoyance. The driving force behind this endeavor was our Operations Manager, Jostein H. Reinsnos. Fueled by determination, he embarked on the challenge of creating a Variable Buoyancy System (VBS). 

VBS (Variable Buoyancy System)

2.5 Tonne

1.2 Tonne

Handyman VBS

Photos from operation

Our systems are already performing subsea operations. Browse gallery for more in-depth footage from various operations.


With VBS you can perform intricate tasks without surface lift wires. Wet storage of equipment, parallel activities, and tooling transport are seamlessly achieved, all under ROV operation, eliminating the need for surface recovery. This streamlined approach showcases the autonomy and versatility of ROVs.


Our VBS systems makes it possible for ROVs to handle larger tools with ease, with neutral buoyancy for precise control and enhanced visibility. It reduces the need for thrust. This extends the weather window for tasks – invaluable for diverse underwater missions.


Our operations exhibit a positive environmental impact while maintaining low Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) risks. With no pressure on the deck and stable lift through the water column, we prioritize both sustainability and safety, ensuring a secure and environmentally responsible approach.

How the
VBS Works

By decreasing pressure, water is pumped out.
By letting in water the pressure will equalize

Our systems offers lifting capacity between 0.5 - 8 tons

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Everything started with the question;
Is it possible to create vacuum subsea? 
And how can it be used?

Create Void

By decreasing pressure, water is pumped out thus create an uplift force enabling VBS to lift heavy objects.

Reduce Lift

By letting in water the pressure
will equalize, this reduces the lift force
and the load will sink.