Beluga Subsea

By putting our brilliant minds together,
we reinvented the world of subsea lifting with innovative thinking

We have effectively made subsea lifting less weather dependent, and safer.

VBS (Variance Buoyancy System)

2.5 Tonne

8 Tonne

1.2 Tonne




Photos from operation

Our systems are already performing subsea operations. Browse gallery for more in-depth footage from various operations.

How does our technology work?


Everything started with the question;
Is it possible to create vacuum subsea? 
And how can it be used?

Create Void

By decreasing pressure, water is pumped out thus create an uplift force enabling VBS to lift heavy objects.

Reduce Lift

By letting in water the pressure
will equalize, this reduces the lift force
and the load will sink.

Our systems offers lifting capacity between 0.5 - 8 tons

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