Beluga Subsea

Our Story

The adventure started over 30 years ago in the early 1990s. One of Norway’s biggest oil companies at the time, requested that ROVs should be able to handle variable buoyance. The driving force behind this endeavor was our Operations Manager, Jostein H. Reinsnos. Fueled by determination, he embarked on the challenge of creating a Variable Buoyancy System (VBS). 

Unfortunately, the interest for his Variable Buoyancy Systems (VBS) faded before he could come up with a concrete solution, causing the concept to lie dormant for nearly two decades. Undeterred, Reinsnos was determined, and in 2013, he showcased the viability and effectiveness of his system using diving cylinders. The patent for VBS was officially secured in 2015. 

Building the systems

With the technology proven effective, Reinsnos recognized the need to scale it up for subsea applications. He started with the biggest VBS we have to date – the 8 ton. Him along with and his clients wanted the 8-ton VBS to function as rig support at the oil rig Snorre B but faced challenges due to its weight. 


Reinsnos went back to the drawing board, firm in his belief that VBS could revolutionize operations by cutting costs significantly. Beyond cost-effectiveness, his systems demonstrated reduced emissions, increased safety for workers, and independence from weather conditions. 

In 2019, the VBS 1T was completed, followed by the 2.5T in 2020. The breakthrough for VBS came in 2022. 

Establishing Beluga Subsea 

Beluga Subsea was officially established after a major international oil company, impressed by the VBS 2.5T during a 90-day contract, replaced all lifting operations with Reinsnos’ innovative solution.  

By the end of 2022, the 4.2T VBS was ready for operation and successfully employed in a month-long contract. This prompted the same company to request a smaller version, giving rise to the inception of Handyman. 

In early 2023, Beluga Subsea completed two successful campaigns, leading to multiple VBS operations for various energy and oil companies in the fall of 2023. Today, Beluga Subsea stands as a key player, collaborating with some of the world’s largest oil companies on a daily basis, transforming lifting operations into a more accessible, safer, and cost-effective endeavor.