Beluga Subsea

Successful Submerged Lifting Operations

Beluga Subsea AS is pleased to inform that the 2,5 ton VBS system has successfully performed a 90 days offshore campaign in partnership with DeepOcean.

The work was performed in UK where the activities included to enable the ROV to fly with heavy load equipment underneath subsea structures. This requires a high precision to not cause damage to existing subsea infrastructure. The project enjoyed the benefits of efficiency as the system does not require liquids or to return to surface after a lift, and the high precision of lifting that allows the operator to fly safe with less time for adjustments and pre-controls. The project team of DeepOcean stated they were very pleased with the performance and controls of the system, allowing them to perform the project in a shorter time period than what could be reached with any other alternatives, resulting in significant savings. 

Multiple lifting systems

Beluga Subsea holds systems for 1.2 ton lifting capacity and 2.5 ton capacity. Larger and smaller models will be released shortly. The unique method allows the operator to have full control of subsea lifting without any use of topside crane, liquids, gas or fluids and do only require standard ROV controls and supply for operations.

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